Everything You Need Is Here




In the interests of simplicity, we have designed our packages to be as complete as possible and still allow for flexibility.

In planning each wedding, we begin with the package and then customize to suit.  Because beautiful and memorable weddings are made up of a myriad of small details---no matter how "simple"---the details can add up to time and expense.  For that reason, we include as many of the details and accessories as possible.

Birdsong Cottage Wedding Packages for 50 or More Include the Following:
*Personal services of an experienced wedding planner
*Fully decorated and prepared ceremony site.  We have decorations in neutral colors (cream and white) as well as reds and pinks.  If we do not have your chosen colors, we can use our existing arrangements and add elements you bring in your colors.
*Rehearsal held separately for the bride (3 hours prior to the ceremony) and groom (1 1/2 hours prior)
*Guest signature mat
*Stand for guest mat and/or guest book
*Gift Table
*Use of Bride and Groom Readi-Rooms
*Services of Birdsong's friendly, talented staff who will walk you through your wedding day step by step.
*Services of the "Ambassador to the Bride," whose responsibility it is to help the wedding party as much as possible in their preparations after you arrive at Birdsong the day of your wedding
*Use of facility for three hours prior to the start of your wedding ceremony

Birdsong Wedding Cottage Reception Packages for 50 or more Include the Following:
*Personal services of an experienced event planner to help you plan your reception and make preparations for it
*Services of Birdsong's wonderful staff to serve refreshments to your guests and be sure that your reception runs smoothly
*Fully decorated and prepared reception site
*Each guest table dressed in floor-length white table cloth
*Centerpieces in neutral colors are comprised of candles and smooth stones or flat marbles, bits of bling and petals on a mirror.  Other elements may be added.
*Beautiful and delicious tiered bride's cake (sized according to number of guests.)
*Personalized groom's sheet cake for weddings for more than 50
*Personalized napkins
*Nuts and mints
*Coffee and Ice Water
*Use of silver punch bowl, tray and ladle
*Use of toasting glasses, cake serving pieces, champagne bucket
*Reception music (or bring your own for us to play)
*Cups, plates and forks
*Use of facility for 3 hours from ceremony start to reception end
*Clean up

See Just How Easy It Is

At Birdsong we make it easy for you.  When you choose to have your special day here, you will receive the personal services of an experienced wedding & event planner who will help you define and develop a strategy for achieving your Dream Wedding Celebration.  You will receive a six-page questionairre to fill out.  Once done, an appointment will be made to meet with the wedding planner and go over each detail of your wedding and reception.  At the conclusion of that meeting, you can relax, knowing that Birdsong's part in your big event is no longer your responsibility.

Our friendly, talented staff will walk you through your wedding day (and those preceding) step by step.  On the day of your wedding, we will provide you the services of the “Ambassador to the Bride”, whose responsibility is to ensure that the wedding party is taken care of while making their preparations.